Valentine's Day Alcoholic-Free Drinks

Valentine's Day Strawberry Lemonade, Valentine's Day Frosty Apple Delight, Creamy Valentine's Day Peppermint Shake, Easy Bubbly Valentine's Day Punch, Valentine's Day Orange Sunrise, Fireside Coffee for a Romantic Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Purple Passion, Valentine's Day Pineapple Cooler, Valentines Day Creamsicle Frappe, Valentines Day Sodas, and Valentine's Day Craving.

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Valentine's Day Strawberry Lemonade
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      1 x  Juice of one lemon
      1 tb Sugar
     10 ea Ripe strawberries
      1 c  Water

Throw the lemon juice, sugar, strawberries, and water into a blender and mix until fairly smooth. Serve over ice.

  Makes one glass.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentine's Day Frosty Apple Delight
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      1 ga Cold skim milk
     12 oz Apple juice concentrate
  1 1/2 qt Vanilla ice cream
      1 x  Cinnamon
      1 x  Nutmeg

Add the milk, apple juice concentrate, ice cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a large bowl and beat until frothy.

Pour into a chilled punch bowl.

Add cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

Serves 25.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Creamy Valentine's Day Peppermint Shake
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2 c  Milk
    1/2 c  Peppermint candy, crushed
  1 1/2 pt Vanilla ice cream

Place milk and peppermint candy in electric blender; mix well.

Add ice cream and process until smooth and creamy.

Makes six 6-oz servings.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Easy Bubbly Valentine's Day Punch
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2 qt White Grape Juice
      2 l  Diet 7-Up
      1 l  Bottle Club Soda

Mix together the grape juice, 7-up, and club soda.

Chill well before serving.

Tastes just like champagne!!


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentine's Day Orange Sunrise
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2    Eggs
    1/4 c  Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
      2 tb Honey
      2 c  Cold Milk
      8 oz Orange flavoured yogurt

Combine the eggs, orange juice and honey in the blender. Blend until smooth (about 1 minute).

Add the milk and yougurt.

Blend until smooth and frothy.

Serve at once in tall, chilled glass.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Fireside Coffee for a Romantic Valentine's Day
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2 c  Hot Cocoa Mix
      1 c  Instant Coffee
      1 ts Cinnamon
      2    Non-dairy Creamer
    1/2    Sugar
    1/2    Nutmeg

Mix together the cocoa mix, instant coffee, cinnamon, creamer, sugar, and nutmeg.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentine's Day Purple Passion
Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      1    Can (6 oz) frozen grape juice [thawed]
      3    Juice cans of cold water
    1/2 c  Lemon juice
    1/4 c  Sugar

In a pitcher, combine the grape juice, cold water, lemon juice, and sugar.

Stir until the sugar is dissolved; cover and chill.

Serve over ice.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentine's Day Pineapple Cooler
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
     46 oz Unsweetened pineapple juice
      2 tb Lemon juice
      6 oz Orange juice concentrate, frozen
     10 oz Club soda; chilled
     Sprig of mint for garnish

Mix the pineapple juice, lemon juice and frozen orange juice concentrate; chill.

Add the club soda immediately before serving.

Serve over ice in tall glasses with straws.

If desired, garnish with a mint sprig.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentines Day Creamsicle Frappe
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2 c  Vanilla ice cream
      1 c  Orange juice
      1 c  Cold water
      1/4 c  Undiluted Orange juice concentrate

In a blender or food processor, combine the ice cream, orange juice, water, and orange juice concentrate. Blend until smooth.

Divide into two glasses. Enjoy


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentines Day Sodas
 Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
           Ginger ale
           Strawberry ice cream
           Whipped cream
      1 ts Strawberry preserves

Pour gingerale over strawberry ice cream in tall glass.

Top glass with whipped cream and a dollop of strawberry preserves.


valentine's day alcoholic-free drinks


Valentine's Day Craving
Categories: Beverages, Alcohol-no
      2    Scoops vanilla ice cream
      4 oz Milk
      1 pt Fresh raspberries
           Hershey Chocolate syrup

Blend ice cream, milk, and raspberries. Pour into well chilled, tall glass.

Swirl chocolate syrup on top and serve.

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