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Easter egg hunts and variations, races and easter egg rolls, and more fun stuff to do at easter



Easter Egg Hunts:


Fair-for-All Easter Egg Hunt
Make sure your easter egg hunt doesn't result in one or two kids finding most of the eggs (to the utter devastation of the little ones).

To overcome this problem, have different colored eggs for each child. Write a number on each egg to let them know how many of that colored egg are hidden for them to find. Each child must return to homebase (you) after they find each egg. This will help you keep count of the eggs that the little ones collect.

Before the start of the race, place a different colored egg in each basket and tell the kids that this is the only color they're supposed to hunt for. .The first child to find all THEIR eggs wins a special prize. The prizes can be anything from chocolate easter eggs or bunnies, to easter baskets, or even money.


Easter Egg Hunt for Small Kids

Hide the easter eggs and let the kids find as many as they can; it doesn't matter who finds the most because they are receive the same prize (Easter baskets filled with goodies: easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, M&M's, small boxes of Smarties, or whatever you can think of) .


In-the-Dark Egg Hunt

Have each kid bring their own flashlight from home and hunt for the easter eggs in the dark, inside or outside.


Find your Name Easter Egg Hunt
Write the name of each child on one of the easter eggs you hide, the one that finds their own name wins a prize.


Easter Egg Match-Up
Get a bunch of different colored plastic eggs. Separate the eggs and hide each half in a different places. The kids must match up the eggs to win prizes.


Easter Egg Races:


Duck Walk Race
Have the kids line up at the Start Line, squat down and grasp their ankles with each hand from behind. On GO, they waddle to a designated Finish Line. They can't let go of their ankles or the are disqualified. The first child over the Finish Line wins a prize.


Easter Egg Roll Game

Depending on the age of the children, mark off different distances to race and the steepness of the hill. Using a decorated easter egg have the kids roll the eggs either across the floor or down a hill. They can use a stock or get down on their hands and knees and roll the eggs using their noses. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner.


Easter Egg Spoon Race

Prepare a race track with clearly defined start and finish lines. Provide each player with an easter egg on a spoon and have someone start and time the race. The person crossing the finish line first wins.


Nosey Egg Roll
The kids roll the eggs using only their noses. The first one over the finish line wins a prize.


Easter Bunny Tag

Played in the same fashion as tag except that everyone must hop (if you do anything but hop then you're automatically it..


Easter Egg Bowling
Colour some boiled eggs and leave one white. Roll the white one into the centre of a room and take turns to see who can roll their egg closest to the white egg.


Easter Guess the Number Game

Take a jar and fill it with Easter eggs, jelly beans, etc. Count the different candies as you put them in the jar

Leave a piece of paper and a pencil next to the jar and have all the children guess how many candies are in the jar. Be sure they write their name on the paper beside their guess.

The child who is the closest without going over wins the jar (and maybe a chocolate easter bunny).













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